The Plan to Govern aims to continue the cycle of building power for progressive movements beyond Election Day. In particular, investing in leaders who have developed deep relationships and trust in their communities engaging Black, Latinx, Native, Asian, young, queer, and working people. People who are most impacted by injustice and inequality are central to driving solutions and impacting change. We engage in elections not simply to win, but to pass progressive policies. Thus, the Plan to Govern's purpose is to facilitate co-governance between movements and elected officials to achieve bolder progressive policy change.

What is Co-Governance? Co-Governance takes place when communities and elected officials come together to make and implement policy. Often, movements and elected officials may be in opposition, but co-governance involves a practice of articulating both the problems and solutions together. Co-governance is deep representation, it is what democracy should look like.

Why? One of the biggest frustrations we've heard from groups in states is about the boom and bust of political spending. They are flooded right before elections and then experience droughts right after. For elected officials that have been supported by movements, the transition to office can be stark and they often need support to effectively govern. Donors are insufficiently attentive to the fact that Election Day is not the end, but the beginning of a new era of possibilities.

How? Our primary focus is to continue supporting the multi-issue multi-racial organizations that are expanding the electorate and building an organized base around progressive issues. But in addition, we offer support for additional infrastructure that creates the conditions for effective co-governance. Way to Win’s Plan to Govern aims to build out the ability of movements and elected officials to come to the table and co-govern. Both need additional support to make this possible, including policy support, narrative and messaging, and training and capacity building to ensure a shared organizing strategy.

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The Plan to Govern, with additional analysis and funding recommendations, will be released in segments to Way to Win members throughout 2021.

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